Thursday, June 5, 2014

A day-in-the-life

I always love reading “day-in-the-life” posts from other bloggers and in the past six months, our schedule has changed quite a bit so I thought it would be good time to reflect on our days as they are right now. 

Today.  This week and at this time, a typical weekday goes something like this…

5:00am // My alarm goes off and I instantly hit snooze

5:30am // Drag my butt out of bed, shower and get ready for work

6:10am // Pack my lunch (usually left overs or a sandwich), feed and potty the dog

6:20am // Out the door (I’m out the door before anyone else wakes up)

6:30am // At the drive-thru for coffee (yes, everyday)

6:45am // Ryan up, getting himself ready for work

7:00am // I arrive at work

7:15am // Ryan wakes up Rowen and gets her ready for the day

7:45am // Ryan and Rowen out the door

8:00am // Ryan drops off Rowen at daycare

8:30am // Ryan gets to work

Fast-forward through the afternoon….

3:30pm // I get off work

4:00-5:00pm // I pick up Rowen from daycare.  We usually play outside or run quick errands if needed.

5:00pm // Feed the dog and get dinner ready while Rowen plays a game on the ipad or watches a little TV

5:30pm // Ryan home from work

5:45pm // Dinner time

6:15pm // Clean up the kitchen, then head outside to play

7:00pm // Rowen’s bath time

7:30pm // Playtime

8:00pm // Rowen’s bedtime routine – brush teeth, read books, say prayers, sing songs

8:20pm // Downtime:  Laura usually goes for a run, works on freelance design projects, blog posts, etc.  Ryan watching sports, on the computer, or reading, etc.

10:30pm and on // Bedtime

Right now I feel like our schedules are pretty normal - not too hectic.  Ask me again in 5+ years if I still feel the same way, ha!  

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