Wednesday, July 16, 2014

DIY Magnetic Chalk & Felt Board

So I’ve had quite a few requests and emails from people asking me to do a tutorial on the magnetic chalk & felt board that was featured in the playroom post I did last month.  So, to all of you who requested it, your wish has been granted!

I totally remember being in elementary school and playing with felt boards and magnet boards as a kid!  I suppose kids nowadays touch iPad screens instead, but regardless, I wanted something similar in Rowen’s playroom!  

immediately went online to buy a felt board and a magnetic chalkboard, but quickly realized that the good ones are EXPENSIVE.  So, with a little help from Pinterest, I set out to make my own…

Supplies Needed:
  • Extra-large oil drip pan (Walmart)
  • Chalkboard Paint (Walmart)
  • White fabric edging (Michaels)
  • ½ yard dark green felt (JoAnns Fabric)
  • ½ yard light blue felt
  • Paint Brush (not pictured)
  • Hot Glue Gun (not pictured)
  • Permanent Marker (not pictured)

1. Start by wiping off the drip pan with a wet paper towel, let dry

2. Paint the drip pan with chalkboard paint - you’ll probably need more than one coat of paint.  (Be sure to follow the instructions for the paint on the back of the can).

3. Once your board is fully dry, gently wipe it down with a wet paper towel.

4. Take a look at your drip pan - if it’s similar to mine, there are markings on one end of the pan.  You’ll want to use that end to create your felt board (those markings will make it hard to use as a magnetic/chalk board)

5. Measure the drip pan horizontally, and section it in half. 

6. Place the light blue felt ¾ of the way over one half of the board, leaving the bottom ¼ of the board without fabric (this will be the sky). 

7. Using a permanent marker, trace around the edges of the drip pan so you’ll know where you need to cut the felt.

8. Place the dark green felt along the bottom ¼ of the drip pan slightly overlapping the light blue felt at the top.

9.  Trace the green felt around the bottom edges of the pan so you know where to cut.

10. Cut both pieces of felt along the traced edges

11. Next, using a hot glue gun, glue the felt to the pan along the edges to secure it in place.  Use your fabric edging to create a separation barrier between the felt board and magnetic board.  Cut a strip of the edging fabric to fit the height of your board.  Hot glue it in place at each end (over the edge of the two pieces of felt) to create the separation barrier.

I then purchased (at Michaels) a few of these adorable felt sets made by Creatology to use on her felt board.  Love!

That’s it!  It’s a very simple project that can be used as an excellent learning tool for your little ones! 

Rowen absolutely loves hers!


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