Friday, July 18, 2014

Rowen's turning 2!!

I cannot believe my little booger turns two years old this weekend!  This year has just flown by!  To kick off the celebration I thought I'd post her two year update...

Age: 24 Months

Stats: 26 lbs, 33 inches tall

Teeth: Still doesn't have them all.  Missing a few on the bottom and top.  Dentist again in the winter!

Clothes: 2T, shoes: 5.5

Favorite Foods:  
  • Mac N Cheese
  • Hot Dogs
  • Chicken Noodle Soup

  • Can count to twenty
  • Puts together 4-5 word sentences – talks non-stop!
  • Asking lots of questions
  • Knows all of the basic colors
  • Beginning to recognize her letters
  • Can spell half of her name out loud R-O-W
  • Knows her birth date (July 20)
  • Tells us when she has to go potty, but still has very little interest in actually using the potty (frustrating)
  • Becoming much more independent.  Wants to put on her own shoes, own clothes, and do everything on "rowen time".

Favorite Things:
  • Singing – she LOVES to sing and surprisingly sings in tune most of the time!
  • Dancing – Will randomly ask me to dance with her (asked me in grocery store last night)
  • Watching Leap Frog Videos, Daniel Tiger and her very favorite favorite, Sofia the First
  • iPad - Shes getting very good at it!
  • Swimming – She’s a little fish!
  • Screaming “my so sided” aka “I’m so excited” before we do something fun – I LOOOVE it when she says this!
  • Swinging on her swing set

Least Favorite Things:
  • Sharing -  She’s perfectly fine playing with other kids’ toys, but it’s a totally different story when her friends try to play with her toys.  We’re working on this!
  • Rice - not a fan
  • Chicken - not a fan

  • At Night - Full 8-10 hours each night.  Still sleeps in her crib, has not yet tried to climb out so we’re keeping her in there as long as possible.
  • Naps - One nap in the afternoon 1-2 hours in length

Recent Pics: 

We'll be celebrating her birthday with a low key party of friends at family at home!  Can't wait!  Have a great weekend!

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