Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thoughts on 30 & Little Friday Link-Up

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Now, onto today's post....

So last week it happened… I turned the big 3-0! 

When I was little I remember thinking that 30 was freaking ancient.  Great.

I guess it really hasn't hit me yet that I am actually 30 and maybe that’s because I still feel like I’m 23!

The past decade was very good to me.  In the last 10 years I graduated college, got my first real job, switched jobs, got married, bought a house, started a family, bought a different house, etc, etc.  So I can’t help but wonder, is it all downhill from here like they say?    

Should I all of the sudden become sophisticated?  Hopefully turning 30 doesn't mean I now need to watch PBS to get my news (sorry dad), add more fiber to my diet, or pay attention to the stock market.  Let's be real, I don’t do any of those things.  Instead, I watch Pretty Little Liars on Netflix, eat Teddy Grahams as a snack, and get my financial advice from Dave Ramsey’s twitter feed. 

I refuse to think that turning 30 means I've reached my peak – no way!  In my mind, there's no sense in being sad or depressed over it - I'll save that for when I turn 40 :)   I say bring it on 30, I'm ready for you!

Cheers to anyone else turning 30 this year, too!

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