Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bath Time Fun!

Bath time is an every night event in our house.  Rowen is a sweaty, sunscreen covered mess when she gets home from daycare, but that’s ok because luckily she loves being in the tub!  If Rowen had her way, she’d spend her entire day there and would only get out due to the "weird wrinkles" on her hands and feet!  

Below are our favorite products at bath time, check it out...

1// Munchkin Spout Guard – Rowen loves elephants, so this is a big hit in the tub.  My favorite part is filling the trunk to make bubbles! 

2// Bath Crayons – These are awesome!   They come in vibrant colors, and are easy to clean up!

3// Pottery Barn Kids’ Bath Wraps – Soft towel with hood, cute designs, great quality

4// Munchkin Letters – Letters that stick to the sides of the tub when wet!  Lots of fun!
5// Safety 1st Bath Toy Bag – Great for toy storage, suctions to the corner of the tub

6// Munchkin Shampoo Rinser – Been using this since Rowen was an infant!  Soft plastic and holds a lot of water.

7// Disney Princess Bubble Bath – Smells great, good price, makes a ton of bubbles!

8// Johnson's BabyI want to stop here a minute and talk about the hair products we've been using for the past few weeks.  Earlier in the month, I was sent (complementary) the following Johnson's Baby "No More Tangles" line of baby products to try!    

Leave in Conditioner: Since Rowen's hair has grown quite a bit in length over the past few months, she's often seen sporting little ponytails!  They're super cute, but at the same time, I'm reluctant to put her hair up due to the pain those those tiny, pesky ponytail bands cause when trying the take them out.  Not anymore though!  The other night I discovered that if I apply a tiny squirt of the leave-in conditioner around the ponytail holder (while still in her hair), I can just slip it right pain whatsoever!  This product is great for dry or wet hair and smells awesome!  Hooray for ponytails all day long!

Shampoo & Conditioner: We've also been using the Johnson's Baby shampoo and conditioner combo, which leaves Rowen's hair feeling super soft after bath! A little bit goes a very long way as it lathers well and smells wonderful, too!  

Detangling Spray: Out of the three products I was given to try, the detangling spray was the one I was most excited for, and that's probably because my mom used it on me as a kid!  Over the past few months, Rowen's hair has really started to curl in the back, and we've noticed that brushing it out after her bath is not as easy as it used to be. Now that we have the detangling spray though, we simply just spray a couple squirts onto her hair and comb though...easy as pie!  No tears, no complaining - just clean smelling, neatly brushed hair!  Happy kid = happy mom!

That being said, if you have a little one at home I would definitely recommended these three products!  Two thumbs up from me!

Disclaimer: "I received these products complimentary from Influenster for review purposes.  Although the products were free, my opinions are all my own."

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