Thursday, July 16, 2015

Rowen's 3 Year Update

Our Rowie girl turns three years old this coming Monday, I can’t believe it!  We’ll be busy celebrating this weekend, can't wait!  In the meantime I wanted to post her 3 year update...

Age:  3

Stats:   I actually have no clue on this…she sees the doctor next week for her 3 year check-up!

Size:  Mostly 3T…can still fit into some 2T stuff though.

Teeth:  Had her third dentist appointment this past Spring.  Everything looked good!  She’s still waiting on a couple of molars to come in.  She is learning to brush her teeth by herself, but still gets help from us.  


Vocabulary: She’s using full sentences now, basically speaks like an adult.  Has even been caught using a curse word once at daycare…that was probably my fault.  #momfail 

Potty-training:  100%.  We are in underwear full time, even at night!  I cannot even remember the last time she had an accident.  She’s also graduated to using the “big potty”, which means no more potty seat! 

Alphabet/Numbers:  Recognizes a handful of letters and numbers.  We’ve been working with her to trace her letters and numbers, too!  Ryan says he’s going to have her reading by Christmas…I don’t think it’ll happen though.  He says he could read by age 3 (I personally think he was just memorizing books, which is what Rowen does), but I guess we’ll see!

Days of the Week:  Officially knows her days of the week thanks to a catchy tune she learned at daycare.  Without fail, she always asks what day it is, and what the plan is for that day!  I love it. 


Food:  Mac N Cheese.  She would eat it all day, everyday if we let her, which we don't!  Other foods she likes…chicken nuggets, oatmeal, waffles, pancakes, stir fry, rice, spaghetti, bananas, PB&J, broccoli, yogurt, & cereal! 

Book:  Loving Pete the Cat books, Llama Llama Books, and our weekly trips to the library!

Toy:   Still loving her Disney Magiclip Princess set, her Ariel doll, and her Palace Pets.  Also loves puzzles, Magna-tiles, and easy board games!

TV Show:  We let her watch TV in the morning (on the weekends) and for 30-40 minutes before bedtime.  The only show she’s really into watching anymore is Daniel Tiger.  I think we’ve seen every episode 10 times…no joke!

Movie:  Still Little Mermaid, but she also loves Tangled, Cinderella and the Disney Princess Sing-A-Long videos we check out from the library on occasion.

Song:  The girl sings CONSTANTLY!  Her favorite songs to sing are those from Daniel Tiger.  She also loves singing any Disney song.  Thank goodness for the Disney Princess radio station on iTunes!


Bedtime: She usually goes to bed (8pm) without complaining and always waits for us to come get her in the morning.  I have no clue how we lucked out with such a good sleeper!  She still loves hoarding all of her animals, princesses and books in her bed at night, which we're fine with as they entertain her until she falls asleep and then again in the morning when she wakes up!  Each night one of us crawls into bed with her and together we read a book, say prayers, sing a song and then “chat” about our day…I love it! 

Naps:   Still taking one, but I have a feeling it might not be for much longer.  When they do end, we plan to make her have “quiet time” playing with a few designated toys in her room with the door shut.  This will be especially important when we get a more established nap routine going for Wyatt. 


In her normal, everyday environment (aka daycare and at home), she generally thrives socially.  However, the past couple months, we’ve started to notice that when we take her out of her “normal environment” and into a setting like gymnastics class, a birthday party, or even the play place at the mall, she retreats.  Instead of playing with other kids, she prefers to hang back with Ryan and I.  She would much rather watch the other kids then play alongside of them.  She will participate in the activity if we are doing it with her, but if we try to get her to do it alone, she wont.  In the end this frustrates me A LOT!.  Ryan keeps telling me to stop worrying about it, but for some reason I do.  I guess I worry because she starts preschool this Fall and I want her to be ready!  Eeek! 

Attitude:  She definitely has one!  There is really only one way to describe her attitude right now and it’s stubborn as all heck!  I’ve been told she gets her stubbornness from me (ha), so luckily I feel like I know how to deal with it, but sometimes it’s hard! 

To sum it up, Rowie is a very good kid.  She's sweet, smart, funny, silly, extremely clumsy, and stubborn all in one, and we love her soooo very much! 

Here are a few recent pics:

I hope to have a recap of her birthday on the blog early next week!  Stay tuned!

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