Friday, October 16, 2015

3-4 Month Baby Favorites

I highly doubt I'm sharing anything earth shattering with you, but these are our favorite products at the current stage Wyatt is in!  Take a look...

Love this bib with attached teether att at the end.  It's great that you don't need to carry an extra item that may get dropped and it's reversible so it's like having two bibs!

A must have for any teething baby.  Made of soft leather, with subtle squeaker that is easy for young babies to squeeze!

Perfect for gassy babies + they don't leak!  Only downside are all the parts you have to clean, but totally worth it!

Love these!  A daily must have for us!  They wipe away the day's germs.  I love them on non bath nights, I usually just wipe Wyatt down from head to toe!  Love the way they smell, too!

Wyatt loves his Bumbo.  I love that it gives his neck muscles a little workout and gives us a break from having him in our laps 24/7!

As I said in my previous post, Wyatt loves to hold on to something while he's falling asleep at night and this seems to do the trick + it's cute! 

Perfect for cold and flu season, which is now upon us...yuck!  I stuck one of these in both kids' rooms.   The plug-in itself is great because you can adjust the intensity of the aroma and it also has a soft green night light.

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