Wednesday, January 13, 2016

5-6 Month Baby Favorites

Last week I posted Wyatt’s most recent update {click her for that post} and today I wanted to do a 5/6 month baby favorites post...

This was one of the gifts Wyatt received for Christmas this year {here is that link}.  This toy is pretty brilliant!  Yes, it’s loud and somewhat annoying to listen to, but I can easily get past that given the fact that it holds his attention for long periods of time! I highly recommend this toy!

Wyatt is definitely teething.  Now, I am not one for organic, herbal remedies, oils or anything like that.  Sorry, it's just not my cup 'o tea.  However, our daycare center wont administer Tylenol for things like teething, so we send these tablets with Wyatt during the day to ensure he doesn't get too cranky - they seem to work!

Wyatt LOVES this!  He goes crazy jumping and bouncing as hard as he can!  I like it because the seat is nice and deep and seems to support him well, it's much more responsive to movement and seems to be bouncier than others we looked at!  Great buy!

This is the same highchair we used when Rowen was a baby and we still really like it.  My favorite things about it are the fact that it folds up for easy storage, has three different positions making it usable from newborn through toddler stage, and is also very padded!

This was given to Wyatt as a Christmas gift. While the "cape" part of the bib is pretty impractical, I love the bib itself!  It's made of a polyester material making it SO easy to wipe clean when we're done feeding him!  I plan to order 2-3 more! Oh and the booties are adorable and fit him great, too! :)

This toy, which I randomly found at a consignment store for $1, is awesome!  We like to have Wyatt join us at the dinner table in the evenings, so I usually put him in his highchair and stick this toy on the tray in front of him using the attached suction cup.  It spins and rattles when he touches it and the bright colors easily keep Wyatt entertained while the rest of us enjoy our dinner!

At about five months (when Wyatt started rolling over), we attached this bumper sides of his crib so his arms and legs wouldn't get stuck between the rails when he moved around.  It's made of mesh material making it breathable and is great buy for parents who are leery of bumpers yet don't want their kids' limbs getting all twisted up in the crib!  Side note, read the directions carefully when putting it up.  I thought I knew was I was doing, but I didn't. HA!

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