Friday, March 14, 2014

Five on Friday

It’s Spring Break!  Sadly, we don’t have plans to head south to the tropics like a lot of people.  Instead, my plan is to live vicariously though friends’ pictures and posts on social media, and spend as much time outdoors as possible!

For this week’s Five on Friday, I thought I’d do the top five things I am most looking forward to this Spring…

1.  The Park:  Last night while on a walk around our neighborhood, Rowen and I discovered a cute little park tucked away just a few blocks from our house!  Rowen is currently obsessed with slides and this park happens to have three!  We can’t wait to spend time here!

2.  Easter:  We love Easter!   Our plans this year include, visiting the Easter bunny, hunting for eggs, and spending time with family.  Here’s a pic of our girl last year with her furry friend. 

3.  Patio Sitting:  The other day while spending some mindless time on Pinterest, I found an awesome recipe for a refreshing, spring drink!  It made me so eager to bust out the patio furniture right then and there, but I refrained.   Perhaps we’ll do it this weekend! 

Photo Credit: All She Cooks
4.  Spring Cleaning:  I’m a bit embarrassed to even show this picture, but oh well.  This is the mess we currently call our garage.  It is getting cleaned the second we get a free weekend…hopefully next month.  I have plans for some serious organization!  I cannot stand looking at it for much longer.

5.  Landscaping:  Our yard is a corner lot and is exposed on three sides of the house.  This means we have a lot of landscaping to do this Spring/Summer.  When searching for a new house last fall, our plan was to find something in a more established neighborhood so that we could avoid having to do these types of things.  However, with our new house drama, that didn’t happen and we bought (once again) in a brand new neighborhood.  At least this time around we have some experience under our belts from landscaping our previous house, and surprisingly, it’s something both Ryan and I are looking forward to! 

Be back on Sunday for another weekend wrap-up!  Have a good one!

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  1. I could take one of those drinks right now! Don't worry girl, our garage is the same. I'm having a garage sale this weekend and hope to clear some of it. Have fun landscaping :) and a great weekend!!