Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Hi there, how was your weekend?  Ours went quickly, per usual.

Friday night was spent watching college basketball.  After work Friday, Ryan and I invited a friend over to watch the Iowa State game.  Instead of cooking that night, we decided to order in.  Jethro's was the restaurant of choice - famous for their unique take on BBQ!

Saturday morning I took myself to the gym for a sweat session with the treadmill while Ryan prepped meals for the week.  So glad Ryan likes to cook because it's the last thing I want to spend my Saturday doing!

Later that afternoon we headed west 25 miles for another little celebration for my grandma's birthday. This one was a surprise party!  Funny story.  My grandma wasn't really wanting to leave the house that day.  So when my aunt picked her up to take her to the party she had to make up a story to get her to go.  My aunt told her something had happened to my dad (her son), which immediately got her out of the house.  My aunt's exact words, "grandma can still run!". HAHA.  Bless her, she walked in the door expecting the worst until we yelled surprise!  So fun!

Lunch was delicious!  Homemade everything!  Meatball subs, sandwiches, baked beans, and pasta salad!  Then there was birthday cake and cheesecake for dessert!  YUM!

Saturday night, Ryan stayed home with Rowen to watch more basketball, while I headed out to a friends house to celebrate her birthday.  We spent the night playing the game Loaded Questions.   It's a hysterical game, well suited for a large group of people.  I honestly can't remember a time where I laughed as hard as I did last night - a great reminder of the wonderful friends I have!

Sunday was spent doing laundry, catching up on some graphic design projects, and watching...yup, basketball.  I'm planning to get a good, cold-weather-run in before dinner and then settle in to watch this...

Have a good night!

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  1. I was kind of disappointed with American Hustle... We watched it last night and it was so slow! What did you think?