Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Artwork Organization

One of the things I love most about where Rowen goes to daycare is all of the art projects she does on a daily basis!  I think over the past two years we've collected 50+ pieces of art from her, which we proudly display in our kitchen! 

After about a month though we start to run out of room for all of her creations.  Eventually I’ll be pickier about the things we keep and the things we recycle, but right now I don’t have the heart to throw anything away.  To solve this problem I set out to find a simple storage solution.

Initially I wanted to buy these, but couldn't justify paying for them.   So instead, I headed to Target and found (for much cheaper) this dry erase ID Box

This tote is awesome.  It’s big enough to hold a number of things and also has a dry erase board on the front for labeling purposes…genius!

To help keep it organized I bought a bundle of cheap tabbed dividers.  They happened to fit perfectly inside the tote allowing me to easily separate out her artwork by year!

Like her art, I also don’t have the heart to throw away her birthday cards from the past two years.  I figured this would also be a great place to store those types of things, too!

My plan is to keep this box and fill it up each year with artwork, school work, report cards, class pictures, etc as a way for her to look back on her childhood when she’s older!  I am sure my organization techniques will change over the years, but until then this is my plan and I’m sticking to it!

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