Thursday, November 6, 2014

Weekend Getaway Part 2 - LEGOLAND

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"LEGOLAND Discovery Center Kansas City on behalf of US Family Guide provided tickets for this review.  My review is an honest opinion based on my own experience and has not been reviewed or edited by LEGOLAND Kansas City."

The next stop on our little weekend getaway was LEGOLAND Discovery Center.  LEGOLAND is right next door to the aquarium so it was very convenient!  I had read reviews before going, most of which included warnings about the long lines, but being there during late afternoon/early evening there was no line at all!

When you first walk in you are given a little tour inside the LEGO Factory where kids learn how LEGO bricks are made. 

Next, you walk into a large castle-like area known as Kingdom Quest.  Armed with your laser gun, you’re taken on a 10 minute ride through the forest in your chariot as you fight the bad guys while trying to free the princess.  Rowen was a bit young, but she seemed to enjoy riding in the car with us as Ryan attempted to shoot every bad guy he saw!

Next was Mini Land, which I thought was really neat!  Unique to the Kansas City discovery center, this is where you can find the Wizard of Oz’s Emerald City and Munchkin-Land, made from thousands of green LEGOs.  You’ll also find a LEGO model of the Kansas Speedway, Royals Stadium, and Arrowhead Stadium.  The room also went from day to night and as the lights dimmed, each model began to glow and fireworks appeared above the Speedway…very cool! 

The next area we checked out was DUPLO Village.  Geared toward the younger kids, this was great fun for Rowen!  There was a pit area filled with large, rubber DUPLO blocks the kids could build with.  There was also a soft mat area with a play gym and a slide!

Next door was a cafeteria, which we bypassed (we had our own dinner plans) and a couple of rooms for birthday parties and private events, which would be fun!

The last few attraction areas were the 4-D Cinema room where a short LEGO themed movie played every 30 minutes, the LEGO Friends area, which was full of pink, girly LEGOs (where were these when I was a kid?) and LEGO Racers, where kids could design and race their own creations on a variety of hills and ramps.  Unfortunately at this point we were losing Rowen to her hunger so we just quickly walked through.  It was probably ok that we didn’t stay too long because these attractions were definitely geared toward older kids.  If Rowen had been between the ages of 5-9 we definitely would have spent more time there.

After about an hour inside LEGOLAND we were starving.  Across the street was the Crowne Plaza shopping center, which houses a handful of different restaurants.  We took the advice of a friend of mine who had taken this same trip a few weeks earlier and decided to eat at Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant!  

This place was AWESOME!  After you find an empty booth, you place your order through a phone on the wall next to you.  Your call is then answered by the “train conductor” and within minutes your food is delivered via a small electric train that runs circles along the perimeter of the ceiling!  SO FUN! 

The ambiance of the restaurant is old school diner-like, the food was greasy (but SO good), the shakes were delicious and the onion rings were to die for! 

 Rowen’s favorite part was the conductor hat she was given upon walking in!  So cute!

All in all we had an awesome weekend!  Thanks Kansas City, we can’t wait to come back!

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