Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Rowen's Big Girl Room

I've been promising this particular post for a long time and I've had people asking when I am going to post it, so finally I'm getting around to doing it!  Warning though, my phone is a big piece of crap and the pictures don't do it justice.  The colors stand out so much better than you see here!

About nine months ago we moved Rowen into a big girl bed.  Rowen absolutely LOVES her bed and her room, and will proudly show it off to anyone that comes over!  It's actually one of my favorite rooms in our house so I gladly help show it off right along side her! :)

Bed:  Her bed is obviously the focal point of the room.  I am obsessed with the color white, so I decided to be daring and do it all white, to my surprise it's stayed very clean!

I LOVE the bedding and the headboard.  Together they scream "girly-girl", which is exactly Rowen's personality.  She calls it her "princess bed"!

Lighting: Above her bed is this light.  Its made of paper, which I love and adds just the right amount of "pizzaz" to her room!

Her window also adds a lot of natural light as you can tell!

The walls:  Three out of four of the walls are a very pale blue color.  The fourth wall (the accent wall) is pink and white stripes!  The accent wall is by far my FAVORITE thing in her room.  Ryan spent six hours slaving over these stripes.  He did an amazing job, but he swears he will never do it again. We'll see about that... :)  I was nervous about how everything would look, but when it was all said and done I was thrilled with how each color compliments the others so well!

Furniture:  We decided to keep her furniture to a minimum since the bed takes up a majority of the space in her room.  The dresser we bought is amazing.  It's huge inside so it should last her a long time!  I still have plans to change out the knobs, but I have yet to find exactly what I want.

Decor:  The decor in her room is a bit hodge podgy, but it works!  I kept quite a few items from her nursery and incorporated them.

We also kept her book shelves, which were a gift from her uncle, her growth chart and matching hair bow organizer.

I struggled with decor on the walls for quite awhile, until one day, a friend of mine offered me a few prints from her old Katie Daisy calendar. I immediately snatched them up and framed them!  Talk about easy and inexpensive!  They work perfectly!

For the accent wall I hit up Hobby Lobby and found a couple of pieces of framed art, a banner, and a cardboard letter "R", which I painted.  I love how well it all stands out against the pink and white stripes!  

Rowen's reaction to her room the first time she saw it?  "Oooooh, it's so beautiful, just like a princess"  <---- that's my girl!  ;)

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