Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Toy Storage

A little over a year ago I posted my playroom reveal {click here to see it}.  For the most part, the playroom still looks the same except it's 10x more cluttered!

Now that we have Wyatt and he is six months out from crawling, I am really going to have to start going through everything to ensure that all of the small stuff is out of his reach.  

I’ve been scouring Pinterest like crazy trying to find ways to do this, and I think I’ve found some really great ideas I hope to use.  Check it out...

Small puzzles pieces, game pieces, and princess pieces are currently scattered everywhere in the playroom.  I LOVE the idea of using a combination of simple mesh bags and pencil cases to hold small items that can either be hung on the wall or stored in cubes! 

They are perfect - easy enough for a three year old to open and close, yet complicated enough for baby!

Along with puzzles and games, Rowen also enjoys art!  She loves her crayons, markers, Playdoh, etc, and I love the idea of keeping them in containers, up high and out of reach from both kids!  I like knowing that Rowen will have to ask to use these supplies (toddlers and markers can be a scary thought), and at the same time I won’t have to worry about Wyatt getting into something he shouldn’t! 

I love this entire set-up and plan to re-create it in our playroom! (IKEA trip!).

Easy and for the most part inexpensive!  I hope to have some updated playroom pictures in the coming months, so stay tuned!

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