Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Rowen Preschool Update

For the past two months, Rowen has been in three year old preschool and is loving it!  We had her first conference a week or so ago and had a great report!  The teacher referred to her as a “breath of fresh air” sweet! 

At the conference, we were showed a summary of how she’s progressing and were very pleased with what we saw!  She knows most of her letters and numbers, and has really started writing her name legibly so that we can read it! 

Rowen is lucky in that she has two of her good friends in class with her, but is also making new friends, too, which is what we wanted for her this year! 

Her teacher is beyond wonderful and Rowen loves her.  She talks about Mrs. Megan all the time and even wants to pretend to be her when we play school at home - so cute!

I totally did the ever so popular "first day of school" picture with her {link for the sign I used} and even filled out a cute little survey I found online {here}, too!  I plan to print both and put them in her keepsake box so she has them to look back on in the future!  

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