Friday, June 16, 2017

Five on Friday

Yay, it's Friday!  To jump start the weekend I thought I'd link up with April for a Five on Friday post!

We don't have too many plans this weekend, but our one big plan is to watch Rowen's first ever dance recital! We had rehearsal last night and it went well, but I am already stressed about it.  Rowen will dance twice; once for ballet and once for tap, but luckily there aren't any costume changes involved. Fingers crossed everything runs smoothly again tomorrow!

We recently had some landscaping done to the front of our house and I have been obsessing over plants on Pinterest ever sense!  I don't think we'll plant anything until Fall, but I am for sure getting my research done!  I am very pleased with the way the rock and edging turned out!

Lately, meal planning in my house has been anything but.  One of my main reasons for getting back on the blog was to hold myself more accountable when it comes to meal prep!  I plan to begin sharing recipes again soon.  If anyone has anything good please send it my way!

I'm loving his beer lately.  Normally, I am not a big beer drinker, but I was introduced to this over the winter and I'm definitely a fan!  I plan to have one this weekend, for sure!

Speaking of beverages.  I currently have a horrible obsession with Starbucks.  I literally buy a $4.40 skinny mocha everyday and I am trying desperately to ween myself.  My sister told me about this iced coffee, which I have been drinking the past few mornings.  So far this week I have been two days (out of five) Starbucks free, which is quite the accomplishment for me!  Just hoping I can keep it up!

Hope everyone has a great Father's Day weekend!

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