Friday, July 21, 2017


Well, back in MAY (still catching up), we had Wyatt's second birthday!  I cannot believe my little dude is now two!

When I was pregnant with Wyatt, everyone used to tell me, "oh boys are so different than girls", and I never believed them.  Well, they were right!  Wyatt is a tough cookie sometimes.  He's very stubborn and wants what he wants when he wants it, but at the same time he can also be sweet and unbelievably charming.  He also loves attention and makes us laugh multiple times a day.  I love the little guy so much!

Age:  24 Months

Stats: 22 pounds and short - I don't remember exact numbers, but he's small for his age.

Teeth:  I know he doesn't yet have them all.  He actually sees the dentist for the second time next week!

Clothes:  Barely in 24 months.  2T still seems too big although I don't understand the difference?

Favorite Foods:  Eating is a nightmare with Wyatt.  Rowen ate anything and everything.  Wyatt just wants to snack.  Fair warning, hardly any of his diet is healthy, but right now we are just working on getting him to eat something!  So far his favorites include...

  • Mac N Cheese
  • Crackers of any kind
  • Corn dogs
  • Spaghetti O's
  • PB&J's
  • My protein bars (ha)
  • Noodles with Butter
  • Oranges and occasionally a banana
  • Frozen French Toast sticks

  • Can count to 15
  • Putting together 3-4 word sentences
  • Can name every character in the TV show blaze, but cannot yet identify all of his colors, ha.
  • Can sing about half of the ABC's
  • Brushes his teeth (with our help)
  • Becoming very independant - shuts the doors, wants to put on his own shoes, turn off the lights, etc.

Favorite Things:
  • Trucks - can name all types of trucks if he's shown a picture.
  • His push lawn mower
  • Anything Lightening McQueen
  • His "scooter"
  • Nick Jr's. Blaze and the Monster Machines
  • The bounce house
  • His truck pajamas

Least Favorite Things:
  • Sharing
  • Most foods 

  • 10-12 hours each night.  Sleeps in his crib, thinking toddler bed this winter
  • Takes one afternoon nap (2 hours)

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