Wednesday, April 16, 2014

21 Month Update

Next week Rowen turns 21 months so I thought I'd do a quick update.  I cannot believe we'll be celebrating her 2nd birthday in just a few months - better start planning! :)

Age:  21 Months

Stats:  Good question!  She hasn't been to the doctor recently so I am not sure, but I do know she is growing like a weed!

Teeth:  Molars are in and she's been very crabby because of it.

Clothes:  Shirts: 24 mo/2T.  Pants: 18/24 months.

Favorite Foods:  Still loving noodles aka "nooles".  She's also been loving fruit a lot more lately- raspberries and grapes are her favorites.

  • Can sing her ABC's all the way through 
  • Talking, talking, talking!  She's saying so much now and putting together sentences like you wouldn't believe - so fun!
  • Recognizes the colors green, pink, blue, yellow, black and white
  • Can count to 14
  • Graduated to a booster seat
  • Now sleeps with a pillow

Favorites Things:
  • Baby Dolls:  Loves to push them around in her toy stroller - also asks to bathe them!
  • Coloring:  We recently finished our playroom (yippee) where she has her own drawing table.  She loves to color and have us color with her.
  • Playing Outside:  She can't get enough.  She loves playing with her basketball hoop, going on walks, and just running around the yard.  We can't wait for summertime!
  • Singing:  Current favorites stem from the movie Frozen.  You'll often times hear her singing a lyric from one of the opening songs " a snowman, bike around hall" - so funny!
  • Doors:  Shutting every door in the house and then opening them as fast as she can while shouting, "Hello Rowen!".  It's so funny to hear her say her own name.  
  • Buckles:  Is currently fascinated with buckles - the buckle on her booster seat, her car seat, and in the carts at the grocery store.  
  • Trucks:  Loves to spot all of the trucks on the road when we are driving.
  • Wheels on the Bus:  Her favorite bedtime song.

Least Favorite Things:
  • Going to Bed:  Up until a few weeks ago, putting her to bed was no problem.  Now though, she fights it and cries while saying "no go plaaaay" in her crib for about 10 minutes until she falls asleep.

Signature Moves: 
  • Shaking her booty:  So funny to watch her try to do it - not quite coordinated enough!

  • Naps:  Still takes one afternoon nap - about an hour is all.
  • At Night:  *Sigh*.  This one has been tough recently.  Along with fighting us at bedtime, she's also been waking up for an hour or two at night (not every night, but more often than we'd like).  Before this started she was a rock star sleeper, sleeping almost 11 hours straight every night.  We think a lot of her new sleeping problems have to do with the molars she has coming in, and also the fact that she may be dreaming more at night.  We're not sure...still trying to figure it out.  In the meantime, we let her cry-it-out for 20-30 minutes and if that doesn't work, we go in and lay on the floor next to her crib until she falls back to sleep.  Ryan and I both refuse to let her sleep in our bed.  It would probably solve our problem, but I've heard too many stories about kids never wanting to sleep in their own bed again after being allowed to sleep with mom and dad (I know, we're mean).  :)
Here are a few recent pics of our girl:

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