Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Rowen's Springtime Favorites

1.  Little Tykes Endless Adventures Spiralin' Seas Waterpark:  Rowen has something very similar to this that she is obsessed with at daycare.  I think we are going to add it to the top of her list as a potential birthday gift.  It'll be perfect for the warm weather days ahead!

2.  Fubble Bubble Wand:  By far the best bubble wand we've found to date!  Some of the other bubbles we've tried are nothing but a sticky, slimy mess.  The Fubble brand however is not, and makes bubble play much more fun!

3.  Treehouse Organic Apple Juice:  We don't give Rowen a lot of juice, mainly just milk and water, but the other day I caved.  I thought they would be perfect for her to sip on during warm days playing outside! She's loving them!

4.  Cozy Coupe Car:  Rowen was gifted this car by my parents at Easter and it is by far her favorite outdoor toy!  She loves being able to drive it herself and even pretends to fill it up with gas - so cute!

5.  Kinetic Sand:  This stuff is AWESOME!  It's the the perfect activity for indoor play and doesn't make a mess!  It's even fun for the parent's to play with, too!

6.  Circo Jegging Short:  I am normally not a huge fan of the Circo brand at Target (it tends to shrink), but when I saw these shorts on sale I decided to go for it.  Then, when I realized how well they actaully fit Rowen I went back and bought two more pair!  The length is great (right above the knee) and the material is stretchy enough to allow for comfortable play - I definitely recommend them!

7. Cherokee Infant/Toddler Hair Clip:  Rowen FINALLY has enough hair that I can start pinning it back with little clips, and these work great, plus they're cute!

8. Keen:  If you're looking for a durable summer shoe that will allow your child's foot to breathe, yet at the same time keep their toes protected, then I highly recommend Keen sandals!  Rowen was given a hand-me-down pair from a friend, and so far we are loving them!  I anticipate buying her another pair before the summer is over!

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