Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Meal Plan Monday

Sorry, meant to post this yesterday, but the day was crazy busy and by the time I thought about it I was tucked in bed.  So you're getting Meal Plan Monday on Tuesday...that's ok!

First, I'll do the usual and wrap-up the weekend real quick...

Friday night it was just Rowen and I.  We stopped for a hamburger and then headed to the mall to do a little shopping!

Saturday was my mom's birthday, which was spent consuming these delicious cupcakes from Scratch Cupcakery!  YUM!

Sunday was a pretty lazy day.  Besides our usual errands we played outside in the snow....

....made Valentines for Rowen's friends at daycare (I'll do a separate post on those because they turned out so cute)...

...and attempted to start organizing the baby's nursery...

All in all a great weekend!

Now on to meals for this week!  I've started doing more shopping at our local grocery store recently as opposed to Target, which is where I normally go.  Here's why....

Hy-Vee, my local grocery store, has a pretty sweet grocery discount program known as Fuel Saver. Each week the store puts out an ad listing the grocery items available for the discount (usually anywhere between .2 cents and .25 cents per item).  You then load these "savings" onto a card, which can then be taken to participating gas stations in the area to lower the retail price of gasoline! Depending how how many items you buy, a customer could potentially save $2 a gallon on fuel per week!  Crazy!

So this week I challenged myself to buy a few things from the fuel saver ad and then scour Pinterest to find ways to use them as meals.  Here's what I came up with while managing to save myself .16 cents per gallon!

Monday:  Crockpot Spaghetti Squash (meatballs were the fuel saver item)

Tuesday: Chicken Fajita Bake (pre made fajita mix was the fuel saver item)

Wednesday:  Campbell's Chicken Marsala  (Campbell's skillet meal mix was the fuel saver item)

Thursday: Copycat Panera Broccoli Cheddar Soup (bread bowls were the fuel saver item)

Friday:  Not cooking!

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