Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Christmas Traditions/Bucket List

Like a lot of you, we have quite a few fun things planned during the month of December, but here are a few ideas we plan to make into traditions for our family in particular...

Decorating the Tree - The plan this year is to turn on the movie Frosty the Snowman, brew some hot chocolate and decorate the tree.  Rowen is super excited to do this!

Ornament Making - The other day found a cute DIY ornament kit at our local craft store.  Rowen (Wyatt will too) has her own tree that she keeps in her room (I bought it last year at a garage sale).  Being able to make her own ornaments and decorate her own tree will put a huge smile on her face!

Santa Claus – I’m not really sure how interested Rowen is in seeing Santa.  Last weekend, when I ushered her by his little setup at the mall, I asked her if she wanted to sit on Santa’s lap.  She responded with a terrified look on her face, “no mommy, I just want to look at him” and then proceeded to stand and stare for a few seconds before quickly walking away.  I’m actually ok with this to be quite honest.  Ryan and I have debated whether or not to even do Santa in our house (I never really believed in him).  We’ve decided we will, but the second she questions it, we’ll tell her the truth.  I will however make Wyatt sit on his lap for the obligatory “baby with santa picture” {insert evil laugh here}.

The Elf - I'm sorry, but I wish I never would of bought this stupid thing.  In my opinion it totally teaches kids the wrong meaning of Christmas, however I get it, it's supposed to be "fun".  We'll probably do it, but given her lack of excitement for Santa, if Rowen isn't really into it, it'll probably be our last year.  Sorry not sorry.

Christmas Lights - Growing up I always remember going to look at Christmas lights with my family.  My sister and I loved it so I want to continue this tradition with my kids.  The plan is to stop at Starbucks for hot chocolate, crank up the Christmas music and then drive to the fancy part of town!  Can’t wait!

Decorating Cookies - Rowen loves to bake and this is something I'm excited to do with her every year! 

Jesus’ Birthday Cake - I saw this idea online and I think it’s a really good one. It will help explain to the kids the true reason for the season!  I’m thinking we’ll probably make it a day or two before Christmas and then eat it Christmas Day!

Angel Tree – Each year our church has a tree where families can buy certain items for children in need and then bring the gift to church and place it under the tree.  Ryan and I think having Rowen go with us to pick out the gift is a good way to try (keep mind she’s only three) to explain to her how lucky she is!

Christmas Family Movie Night -  A night or two before Christmas we plan to let the kids open their first gift.  Inside will be new pajamas and a Christmas movie (Polar Express) that we can all watch together!

Christmas Books - I’ve been keeping an eye out for Christmas books as I’d like to start a small collection so that every year come December we have plenty of books to read!  I’ve found a few good ones so far… 

Christmas Songs – As I’ve said before, Rowen LOVES to sing.  She sings allllll day long, even at school her teacher says.  She’s particularly interested in memorizing the popular kids Christmas tunes (frosty, Rudolph, etc.) so I downloaded this album of kids Christmas music.  She LOVES it!

Christmas Eve -  We will head to church (I love our church's Christmas Eve service), then head to Grammy and Grampy's house for dinner, dessert and presents!

Christmas Morning -  The plan is to get up early, throw a delicious breakfast casserole in the oven, watch the kids tear into the presents, eat, and then hop in the car to do it all again Grandma and Papa's house...all while dressed in our PJs!  

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