Monday, December 14, 2015

Meal Plan Monday 12/14/15

This weekend was a weekend of firsts for both Rowen and Wyatt...

I'll start with Wyatt.  Saturday we headed to the mall to see Santa, and while Rowen wanted nothing to do with him, Wyatt was 100% on board - in true Wyatt fashion, he smiled and giggled the entire time!  First Santa experience was a total success!

After Santa we then hit up the train with our good friends and neighbors - Rowen was happy to do this and had a blast!

On Sunday, Rowen was whisked away by two of her favorite people (my mom and sister) to see her very first movie (Peanuts Movie), which she loved!  I was worried she wouldn't be able to sit through the enitre thing, but she did, and she did great!  I think it helped that they took her to see it at Flix Brewhouse and incorporated lunch into the experience!  Nothing like eating mac n cheese while you watch your very first big screen movie!

The other first she had was going to her first college basketball game.  Rowen has officially declared herself a Cyclone fan thanks to her dad (insert my sad face here).  I scored some tickets from a co-worker so they had a fun Sunday night complete with basketball, pretzels and a giant ice cream cone!

As for me, I stayed home to get stuff done around the house...there was a ton of laundry calling my name, presents to be wrapped and groceries to be bought!

Speaking of groceries, here is what we have planned for dinners this week...!

Monday: {Slow Cooker Spaghetti and Meatball Soup}

Tuesday:  {Cracked Out Chicken and Rice Bake}

Wednesday:  {Greek Turkey Burgers(hoping Rowen will eat this if we let her dunk it in ketchup!)

Thursday:  {Honey Mustard BBQ Sticky Chicken}

Friday:  Not Cooking

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