Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wyatt's Christmas Wish List

Figuring what to get a baby for Christmas is HARD!

I'll admit, Wyatt doesn't NEED anything and because he's so young I'm mostly doing it for my own fulfillment, but at the same time a small part of me would feel very guilty if there was nothing for him Christmas morning. So, even though he's just a baby, he's still going to find five gifts for him under the tree...and if you're curious as to why five gifts, well, then you can read about that {here}.

  Poor Wyatt has zero "boy" toys, and although he can't actually tell us what he wants yet, we thought this truck was right up his ally! 

Little man will be busting out of his six month clothes and ready for nine month clothes any day now! I love Carters because the sizes are always spot on! 

I found this company via Instagram!  They have adorable necessities for baby and these shoes will work perfectly for Wyatt as he becomes more mobile!

A good friend of mine recently had an Usbourne party where I purchased a few books as presents for friends and family.  Like toys, Wyatt does not have a ton of "boy" books, so I thought this dinosaur one would be perfect for him  (I think he'll like dinosaurs)!  

I keep seeing this toy pop up on my Amazon and Facebook feeds (damn you social media) and it's caught my eye a number of times.  It has really good reviews and is a toy he can use as he learns to sit-up so I totally snatched it up the other day when I saw it on sale!

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