Friday, December 19, 2014

Adventures in potty training a 2 year old!

Potty training.  

Two words that used to make me cringe.  Before last weekend Rowen was not a big fan of the potty.  Every time we asked her to try to sit she’d throw a mini hissy fit.  Well, I knew it was time to do away with diapers, but I needed to figure out a way to engage her and get her excited about trying to sit on the potty.

So…enter our Elf, Lonnie!

Last Saturday morning, Rowen woke up (like any other day) to go run through the house looking for her Elf.  Only on this particular day she happened to find him in the bathroom, on the potty, with a gift from Santa!  I knew instantly just by seeing the look on her face that I had her right where I wanted her (insert evil laugh here).  Haha!

This conversation then followed:

Rowen: “Lonnie is going potty!”

Me:  “Yes he is and look, he brought you a gift from Santa!”

Rowen (as she’s tearing into the bag): “New books!  Can we read them?”

Me:  “Sure, but Lonnie says we can only read these books if we are sitting on the potty, deal?”

Rowen: “Deal!”

And so it began…

The rest of the weekend was spent hunkered down in the house with Cinderella undies, lots of liquids and salty snacks!  We set a timer, and every 30 minutes when it went off she sat on the potty while reading her new books.

To keep her excitement we also implemented a potty chart (you can find that here) with stickers and M&M’s.  She loved the idea of getting a sticker and a “treat” for every time she went potty!

Those first two days were pretty rough (five accidents total).   I was scared to death to keep going especially because the next five days that followed were daycare days, but we were in too deep to quit so on we went!  Our daycare provider has been wonderful about sitting her multiple times a day to try to potty.

It’s been a week since we started and she’s been doing GREAT!  The accidents are getting fewer and fewer (the other day she didn’t have ANY)!  She’s still having a hard time telling us exactly when she has to go so we still use the timer, but I think she’s close and has even graduated to using the regular potty (with the help of her Little Mermaid potty seat). 

The next step is figuring out how to train her outside of the house while we are running errands, going out to eat, library visits, etc…that will be interesting!  If anyone has any tips on this please let me know, I am eager to hear!

For now though we’re just taking it one step at a time and saying, “hooray for big girl underpants!”

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