Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Re-cap

Happy Monday!  Today is supposed to be Meal Plan Monday however this weekend I did everything but plan meals for the week, so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for that.  Instead, I'm giving you our Thanksgiving re-cap.  As I mentioned in my last post, I spent four glorious days with family, eating lots of food, and shopping! 

Thanksgiving morning started with a trip to Starbucks where the nice man in the car ahead of me paid for both of my drinks (aww, love when that happens), followed by an hour of parade watching, and then it was off to my parent’s house for a Thanksgiving lunch featuring all the faves…turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole and cranberries…mmm, cranberries! 

And as if we needed more carbs, after lunch there were pies and a cake (in celebration of my aunt and uncle’s birthdays)!

To keep everyone from succumbing to their food comas, my sister and cousin rounded everyone up for a game of Charades and Catch Phrase.  I am so very thankful for my family and the time we get to spend together!

Later that evening the family parted ways and my sister and I darted to the mall so we could do what we do best…Black Friday shop!  If there is one thing in life that my sister and I are good at its shopping amongst mass amounts people while attempting to score the best deals possible…we love it!

And score some major deals, we did!  Besides my annual Christmas shopping, I had two major things on my list.  One was new bedding for Rowen’s “big girl” room and the other was a set of new bath towels for our master bathroom.    I managed to get all of Rowen’s bedding (comforter, sheet sets, mattress pad and pillows) on sale for a whopping $64!  I also scored six bath towels for $40, too.  Not too shabby!

All in all we managed to accomplish 90% of our Christmas shopping in just four short hours and probably paid half of what we would have normally paid!


Friday was Thanksgiving #2.  Mid-morning we headed to my in-laws for another round of carb loading followed by football, where we watch the Hawks and ASU pathetically lose. 


Saturday was a big day!  Our Elf, Lonnie (Rowen named him all by herself) came to visit us…

 …we decorated the house with every piece of Christmas d├ęcor we own…

…and moved Rowen from a crib into a big girl bed!  I’ll admit, I was very nervous to make the switch, but it went flawlessly.  She now loves spending time in her room and continuously asks if she can go to bed yet.  WHAT?!  Yup.  Dead serious!      


Sunday morning Rowen and I ventured out for a short shopping trip followed by a nap and then Disney on Ice!   I remember going to Disney on Ice every year as a kid, so I was thrilled when I had a chance to score some discount tickets so we could take Rowen!  I wasn’t sure how well she’d sit through an hour plus show, but she did great --- the popcorn snack helped, too!

That's our Holiday weekend in a nutshell...I can't wait to do it all again in a month for CHRISTMAS!  Whee!!

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