Thursday, January 22, 2015

DIY Valentine Mason Jars

So I saw these adorable DIY Valentine mason jars last month on Pinterest and decided I had to have them for myself!  As I've noted on here before, I love to decorate my mantel for the holidays and Valentine's Day (although I am well aware it's not a "real" holiday) is no different!  Check it out...

Supplies (purchased from Hobby Lobby):

2 medium size mason jars
1 pack of white 6" doilies
1 pack of red craft hearts
1 roll red and white baker's twine
Hot glue gun (not pictured)

Start by heating up your glue gun and laying out a doily and a craft heart.  Once the gun is hot, place glue around the outer edge of one side of the heart.

Next, flip the heart over and press it firmly onto the center of the doily...

Next, flip over the doily and add one small pool of glue on the right side (middle) of the doily, and another on the left (middle) of the doily.

Next, flip the doily over and center it on the front of the mason jar.  Press firmly and hold on both ends where you placed the glue.  Your doily should begin to slightly to wrap around the jar...

And finally, take your red and white baker's twine and secure one end to the back of the mason jar using a small spot of glue.  Then, start wrapping the twine around the middle of the jar.  (I wrapped mine about four times and angled it to one side).

Once finished wrapping, cut the twine and glue it to the back of the mason jar.


It was so simple and inexpensive I had to make two!  Both look adorable on my mantle next to the Valentine bunting banners I scored at Target for $1 each...I just love it!

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