Thursday, January 29, 2015

DIY: Easy Bathroom Update

As I've said before, slowly but surely, Ryan and I are chipping away on our (ahem, my) “to do” list for the house. One of the top items on my list was to frame the boring builder’s grade mirrors in all three of our bathrooms.

I’ve hated our mirrors since day one. We had these same boring mirrors in our previous house, too, but it never even occurred to me how easy it might be to spruce them up!

Now, depending on your skill level with power tools (we don’t even own a saw), this project can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it. We opted for the easy way out, which meant no miter saw needed!

This was the blank canvas we started with…your basic builder’s grade mirror, nothing special.

And this was the end result!

Interested to see how we did it?  Check it out...

Materials Needed:
  • Four corner blocks 
  • Molding (we used baseboard trim) 
  • Liquid Nails (adheres to mirrors) 
  • Painter’s Tape 
  • Wood stain/paint (we used paint) 
  • Paintbrush 
First: Measure your mirror so you know what size to cut your moldings (don’t forget to take into consideration the four corner blocks, which take up roughly 3 inches of your mirror)

Second: Paint/stain your molding (if it's rough you may want to sand it down first).

Third: Put it all together! Use your glue and begin by placing one of your corner pieces onto the mirror first. Hold in place for a few minutes to ensure it dries. Next, glue the on molding.  Helpful tip: you’ll want a second set of hands for this part. 

Fourth: Once all of your molding is glued and up, secure it with painter’s tape for 8-12 hours just to be sure nothing moves out of place.

To accompany the mirror, Ryan also added hardware to the cabinets...

 …and installed a new, bronze faucet!

I absolutely love the way everything turned out!  The best part is, the entire thing cost us under $100 (the molding and glue were only about $30)!

It was so much cheaper than I had expected and so easy! I can’t wait to get started on the other two mirrors in the house!

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