Thursday, January 8, 2015

Rowen 2.5 Year Update

In a couple of weeks Rowen officially turns two and a half so here is a quick update...

Age:  2.5

Stats:   30 lbs (that's a guess), and just shy of 3 feet tall! (see pic below)

Clothes:  2T

  I think she has them all!  She loves brushing her teeth using her Tigger toothbrush - with the help of us of course!

Favorite Foods:  The award for most favorite goes to Mac N Cheese (takes after her mama)! Other foods she really enjoys are:
Turkey Pepperoni
Chicken Nuggets


Vocabulary: Uses it to her full potential.  The other day she managed to tell us she was “frustrated” because she couldn’t have her way with something.  She also used the word “fantastic” correctly in a sentence, too!  I love hearing her talk (which is non stop)!

Potty-trained:  Dare I actually say it?  About a month ago we started and she’s taken to it SO well!  She now tells us every time she has to go!  Sadly, we start all over again in May with diapers, but for now I am going to enjoy the next four months diaper free!

Big girl bed:  She now sleeps in her very own, full-size bed!

Imagination:  She is using her imagination more now than she ever has…it’s so fun watching her and seeing the things she comes up with!

Alphabet:  Slowly beginning to recognize her letters and numbers.

Days of the Week:  Beginning to understand concept of a seven-day week and commonly asks what day it is!


Book:  Any book!  We read A LOT!

Toy:    Playdoh:  We play almost every day!

Let's Go Fishing Game:  This wins as best Christmas gift this year and she’s actually quite good at it!

Dress up:  All of the sudden she’s very into dressing up like Tinkerbelle, Sofia, or Elsa.

Princesses:  One of the toys she got for Christmas was the Disney Magiclip Princess set.  She loves them so much she bathes and sleeps with them!

iPad:  She is really into the painting and drawing apps

TV Show:  Sofia the First

Movie:  Little Mermaid and the Tigger Movie

Song:  Little Mermaid, “Part of your World”.  I get the pleasure of singing it every night before bed. 


Naps:  Still takes one afternoon nap - about hour and half.  Going to keep this going as long as possible!

At Night:  Officially sleeping through the night (8pm-7am) in a full size bed!  She loves to pack it full of all her blankets, stuffed animals and princess figurines.  The other night, after we put her to bed and shut the door, we heard her getting in and out of her bed…found out later that night she had taken out the clothes from her dresser and put them in bed with her.  Silly girl! 

Here are a few recent pics:

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