Friday, June 26, 2015

Happy 1 month, Wyatt!

Tomorrow, Wyatt will be four weeks old!  How the heck did that happen so fast? 

We don’t know his exact weight, but we are guessing he is 8lbs and some change (he was exactly 8lbs at his two-week checkup).  He is easily filling out his newborn clothes and starting to fit into his 0-3 month clothes!

He is getting so much stronger each day.  One of his favorite things to do is lay on our chests and lift his head up as high as he can to look around!  He loves to be swaddled and also loves his swing!

He was given his first real bath last week as he finally lost his umbilical cord stump – it’s too bad he didn’t really enjoy it though, lol.

As for feedings, he’s currently eating about 3.5 ounces every 2-2.5 hours, but going longer stretches at night.  We’re starting to get a nightly routine going.  He’s being fed at 10pm before we go to bed, 1:30am, and then again at 5:00am.  Ryan usually takes the early 1:30 feeding and I take the 5:00…so far it’s working pretty well! 

He’s being bottle fed, and we’ve noticed he doesn’t quite have the “suck, swallow, breathe” technique down yet.  Feedings take about 20-30 minutes each time because he stops to breathe so often.  Fingers crossed this gets easier for him as he gets bigger!  We’ve also noticed he fusses a bit after he’s done eating.  To help, we recently started giving him gas drops before he eats.

All in all he is a very sweet baby!  I love cuddling and playing with him during the day, going on walks, and taking him out and about (he’s a good shopper)! 

Rowen is LOVING having a baby brother.  She loves to hold him, help change his diaper, help hold his bottle and sing him songs.  Within minutes of meeting her brother at the hospital, she was singing lullabies to him --- I have a video of it and it’s the sweetest thing ever!  

The first week at home was a bit of an adjustment for her as her routine was a lot different (lots of grandparent time, visitors, etc), but since then we’ve gotten her back into her normal everyday routine, which we think has helped a lot!  She loves going to “school” (aka daycare) during the day and playing with her friends.  I felt very guilty sending her at first knowing I was at home, but she’d much rather play with her friends than me anyway – she let me know that! HA!

As for me, I am feeling great!  I bounced back a lot quicker than I thought I would!  I’ve even started to workout a bit, and am hoping to get cleared to start running again next week at my doctor’s appointment!  YAY!

Happy one month little man, we love you!

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