Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Favorites: Toddler Kitchen Items

If you've been reading my blog, you know it’s pretty common for me to talk about my “favorites” when it comes to anything baby/toddler!  So far I've covered “favorites” on the following toddler/baby topics… books, diaper bags contents, cold and flu season, iPad, and new mom favorites.  I want to keep going with these types of posts because they seem to generate quite a bit of interest.  I've decided to dedicate posts on Fridays to my “favorites” on a variety of topics concerning toddler/baby/kids, and since today is Friday, I’m kicking it off with toddler favorites in the kitchen!  Take a look…

1/ Re-play Divided Plates
First off, I love Re-play products because everything is made from recycled materials!  With high ridges and deep sections, these plates hold the perfect amount of food!  They are durable, wash up nicely in the dishwasher and best of all stack nicely inside my kitchen cupboards!  These are the only plates my daughter uses - we love them! (BPA free)

2/ Re-play Bowls
In addition to the divided plates, we also use the bowls! (BPA free)

3/ Zak Designs 2-pc. Flatware Set
The only utensils my daughter uses!  I like them because they are very similar to adult utensils in length, but still have handles big enough for little hands to easily grip (the cute characters are just an added bonus)!  (BPA free)

4/ IKEA KALAS Tumbler 
These cups are awesome!  They are the perfect size for a toddler just learning to drink out of a cup without a lid.  Love the bright colors, too!  (BPA free)

The entire family uses these place mats!  I love that they are plastic and easy to wash (perfect for messy toddlers), but still look decorative enough to dress up a table at dinner time!

6/ Munchkin Snack Catcher
We purchased these when Rowen was just learning to walk and have been using them ever since!  They are perfect for snacks on the go.  I love that the lids keep her snacks from spilling all over my carpet, too!  (BPA free)

7/ Tommee Tippee Explora Bibs
By far my favorite bib for both babies and toddlers!  My favorite thing about these bibs are that they are SO easy to wash and can be hung to dry!  I also love that they are made from a very durable plastic material that can be rolled up to take on the go!  (BPA free)

8/ Fisher Price Healthy Care Delux Booster Seat
Since Rowen is still a bit short for our kitchen table she uses a booster seat.  I like this one because it has a removable tray!  It's very easy to set up and put away and cleans with just the wipe of a wet cloth!

9/ Boon Grass Drying Rack 
We have had this since day one with Rowen.  At first we used it to dry her bottles, then we used it for sippy cups and now we use it for everything - even our own dishes!  After almost three years it's still as good as new - zero complaints here!  (BPA free)

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