Friday, April 17, 2015

Toddler Favorites: Springtime 2015

It's Friday again that means more "Friday Favorites".  Last week I showed you some of my favorite items to use with toddlers in the kitchen, and this week I'm posting about five of my favorite Springtime items for toddlers!  Check it out...

1/  Princess GardeningGloves – I bought these at Menards a couple of months ago.  They fit my daughter’s tiny hands perfectly and will come in handy this spring when we start planting our flowers!

2/ Kite – Before this Spring, I hadn't flown a kite in probably 15+ years.  We actually bought this exact Cinderella kite (at the Dollar Store) last year for Rowen's Easter basket, but never even thought to use it until this year.  She absolutely loves it!

3/ Jumping Beans Casual Sequin Shoe – My daughter’s feet have grown like crazy since last summer so about a month ago I set out to find some decently priced shoes she could run around in this Spring.  I came home with these adorable, sequin shoes.  I love that the colors go with everything, too!

4/ Magic Grow Capsules – Rowen received these in her Easter basket from a family member and is fascinated by them! Perfect indoor or outdoor activity!  

5/ Marshmallow Fruit Salad – Love making this in the Springtime!  It’s so good + Rowen loves it and is an easy way to get some fruit down her throat (after she picks out the marshmallows, of course).

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