Thursday, April 2, 2015

Rowen's Easter Basket 2015

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This was Rowen’s Easter basket last year.  It was mostly filled with simple things to entertain her, nothing much.  You see, back then she hadn’t really grown into any “obessions”, but this year however, a lot has changed!  Little Miss Rowen is currently obsessed with one thing and one thing only…princesses!  If you ask her who her favorite princess is she’ll tell you it’s Ariel from the Little Mermaid!  (Random side note: Never in a million years did I think I'd end up with a daugther who loves all things girly as much as she does!  When I was a kid it was all Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers and sports - sorry mom). Anyway, with that being said, here is what I came up with for Rowen's basket this year…

I don’t have it all put together yet, but this is the basket I plan to use.  I picked up two (one for Rowie and one for baby boy) on a recent IKEA trip...just $4/each!  I love the size and the fun colors – perfect for this Easter and hopefully many Easters to come!

Inside this year’s basket you’ll find…

1/ These adorable princess tees  Rowen has outgrown most of her t-shirts from last spring/summer so these will get quite a bit of use, I’m sure!

2/ The Disney Princess Water Show Ariel Fashion Doll – This is her “big” gift.  It’s absolutely not needed, but I couldn’t pass up the price on Amazon and it’ll make bath time much more fun!

3/ This Flatware Set by ZAK Designs!  I LOVE this brand of utensils - it’s all Ro uses at mealtime!  They are perfect for little toddler hands, easily wash up in the dishwasher, and come in cute colors and designs (Jake and the Neverland Pirates are another of her favorites)!

4/ This book, which I have heard is a great lesson that connects with the true meaning of Easter!

 5/ I found these Lip Smackers lip balms at Target and couldn't pass them up.  Rowen loves “lipstick” and the fact that they are princess themed makes them perfect for this year’s basket! 

6/ Bubble Stick – OK, I must confess this is only in her basket because I cannot stand blowing bubbles.  Bubbles to me are like a small form of torture - they’re sticky, messy and just plain annoying, but Rowen loves them.  So when I found this little contraption that lets her make her own bubbles with the push of a button, I had to buy it!  

That’s about it!  I cannot wait for Rowen to see her basket Sunday morning!  We've decided not to do the whole “oh look, the Easter bunny brought you a basket” thing.  Reason being, quite frankly I think it’s weird and just confuses her more about the true meaning of Easter.  Instead, we plan tell her it's from mom and dad because we love her!  We're also thinking about doing the same with Santa this year, too.  We’ll see…

 Anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter holiday!  

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