Thursday, April 30, 2015

36 Week Update

How far along:  36.5 Weeks (gotta count that half)!
Baby Size: A head of romaine lettuce
Total Weight Gain/Loss:  +20
Maternity Clothes:  Yes
Stretch Marks:  No, but my belly button is starting to poke out, which didn't happen the first time.
Sleep:  Some nights I sleep all night, some nights I barely sleep.  
Best Moment this Week:  We finally picked a name! (If you know what it is please don't tell)
Miss Anything:  Feeling normal
Movement:  Yes, lots!
Food Cravings:  The other day I had a Cherry Limeade from Sonic and now I want one every. single. day.  Thank goodness they have a diet version!
Gender:  Boy
Looking forward to:  Finishing the nursery THIS weekend!
Difference this time around:  Basically everything.  I was done being pregnant at 36 weeks last time thanks to preeclampisa.  I was induced and felt zero pain thanks to all the drugs I was on (I also barely remember her being born thanks to those drugs), but needless to say this time is looking to be a lot different and I am quite terrified!

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