Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thrive: Day 10

As I stated in my last Thrive post {click here to read it}, I’d been researching Thrive for a couple of weeks before I finally decided to try it. At the time I needed more energy - anything to keep me awake and feeling good.  Anything to keep me from feeling like I was going to drop dead from exhaustion at night!  I’d tried coffee, soda and energy drinks, none of it worked.  Well, today is day 10 of my 8-week Thrive Experience and I am nothing but pleased!  Here’s why…

By far, one of the most noticeable changes I’ve seen in the last 10 days is how well I am sleeping!  If I do wake up (usually due to Wyatt), I am able to fall right back to sleep!  The past few days in particular, I’ve been waking up before my alarm!  When I wake up I feel rested and my mind feels clear.  Before Thrive it took a good, 20 minute shower to fully wake me up in the morning, but now, I’m out of bed before my alarm!

I have yet to get that “oh my god I need to go workout for three hours, and then clean my house for three hours" kind of energy that some people say they get, and I'm totally fine with that. At the very beginning I had short, euphoric boots of energy, but now (10 days in), my energy has evened out quite a bit.  It’s hard to explain, but I no longer hit that “wall” at the end of the day where I am just "done".  Instead, I am up until 10/10:30 at night feeling great!  There are even some nights where I have to tell myself to stop what I am doing so I can be sure to get to bed at a decent time!   

Mood and Emotions:
This was something I was not looking to change before I started Thrive, however, it has!  I noticed right off the bat I was in an overall better mood.  My boss noticed it, and my husband noticed it!  I feel like I handle stress better and am more patient with my kids.  I also feel much more motivated to do things, which is a huge plus! 

Physical Function:
Last Saturday, was my first long run (10 miles) while taking Thrive.  During the run my knee still hurt a bit, but felt better than the week before.  It wasn’t until after the run I realized how good I was feeling.  Usually after a long run my joints hurt, and I get really run down during the middle of the day.  This didn’t happen.  My legs felt much looser than usual and my energy level was sustained – so much in fact I spent the afternoon with my daughter at the pool!  It wasn’t until late that night that I finally felt tired.    

Appetite Control:
This is 100% real!  My sugar and caffeine intake is probably 75% less than what it used to be!  There is a candy bowl sitting right outside my office at work.  Before Thrive I was eating out of it constantly.  Now, on day 10, I’m happy to report I have avoided that bowl since day one.  I rarely crave sugar and if I do, I can easily talk myself out of it - it’s great! 

 My main goal for taking Thrive was not to lose weight, but I’ve noticed (and it’s most likely due to the fact that I’m eating less junk) that my waistline seems smaller and my stomach is definitely flatter!  My appetite is not nearly what it used to be either.  

Before Thrive I was snacking quite often during the day - I was always hungry and I never really knew why.  Now, I’m usually only hungry around meal times.  I drink the shake and eat a piece of fruit in the morning, then eat a normal lunch and dinner - that’s all I need!  Rarely am I hungry in-between meals!

The above are my results, but I was curious to see what skeptics would think about the product if they tried it.  Enter my good friend, Lauren.  Lauren and I have only known each other for about a year and a half, but she’s quickly become one of my best friends!  Lauren has a health and fitness background and when I told her what I was doing, I had a feeling she was skeptical.  I offered her a five day sample and asked her to try it.  To my surprise she said yes and offered to give me her feedback.  I asked her six questions.  These were her answers…

On a scale of 1-10, how skeptical were you before trying Thrive? (10 being completely skeptical, 1 being not at all).
I would say on a scale of 1-10 I was about a 5-6 when it came to skepticism of the product. I have tried other supplements in the past to help with all of the things Thrive is supposed to help with, but nothing ever worked well and I would have to take multiple supplements throughout the day.

What's your reason for wanting to try Thrive?
When Laura said she would let me try a sample pack, I was super excited…as a mom of 3 boys, a newborn and 2 toddlers; I need as much energy as I can get!

Did you notice any changes in your energy level?  If so, how?
Right away I noticed change in my energy levels, I felt like I was not extremely exhausted around that 2pm hour, but over the past couple days though it has mellowed out.

Did your mood change?  If so, how?
My mood has definitely changed, ask my husband or kids :) I would say I am more relaxed and not so much on the edge or moody with all of them.

What was your appetite like while on Thrive?
I was not as hungry when taking Thrive but knew I was burning more energy so I needed to eat more often just smaller portions otherwise my body would start to store fat.

Would you recommend Thrive to a friend?
Yes I would recommend Thrive to a friend.

Lauren decided to place her own order last week and I am SO excited for her to Thrive with me!

I’ve had quite a bit of interest in this product from friends and family, but it seems like everyone has the same questions.  Tomorrow I’ll share my answers to those questions along with a few other exciting updates!  

Stay tuned…

If you're interested in trying Thrive, please let me know!

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