Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wyatt's Airplane Nursery

It's been three months since Wyatt was born and I am just now getting around to doing his Nursery post even though it's still not done.  I need a rug (cannot for the life of me find one), I need to refinish his nightstand (it's in horrible shape) and I need to add a few more decor pieces, but I have no idea when I am going to find time to do it. So for the time being I'm calling it complete.  Here it is...Wyatt's vintage airplane nursery!

His crib and glider are the same pieces Rowen had as a baby!  The crib turns into a full size bed, which I am excited about for when he gets older.  I originally toyed with the idea of selling both to please my obsession with white furniture, but Ryan convinced me to keep them because they look more "boyish"...I agree!

The colors for his room were originally just going to be white and blue, but then the bedding I found had pops of red in it, so red, white and blue it became...all american boy, I guess!

This is the nightstand that needs refinished...thinking of painting it red, but we'll see if I actually get around to it or not! 

As for wall decor, I wanted to do it as cheap as possible.  For this piece in particular, I bought four square canvases, covered them with fabric and added some wooden letters.  So easy!

Above his crib hang a few airplane prints I got online, printed myself and framed, and an awesome metal plane I found at Hobby lobby!

His changing table is also a hand-me-down from Rowen.  I dressed up the wall space above it with this adorable banner I found online, and this white shelf holding a few knickknacks!

Everyone that sees the room always asks where I bought the "fly" sign.  I actually made it myself for about $6.  I found cardboard letters at hobby lobby, modge podged them and painted them white.  I then stuck them to the wall using velcro adhesive easy!  I love the way the white pops against the wall!

As for the curtains, I decided to go with a more preppy look.  I found these nautical striped curtains at TJMaxx on sale!

For now his toys and books sit in this brown box.  I have ideas in my head for other toy storage, but quite frankly I'm running out of floor space in his room, so this will do for now!

That's it!  I'll be sure to update again as I finish it!

{Curtains} (similar)

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