Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Sorry, I failed on meal plan monday this week and that's because I'm just super busy.  We've planned some simple meals for this week...spaghetti and meatballs (one of Rowie's faves), BLTs with soup, BBQ chicken salad, and a pasta bake.  I'll be back next week with something a little more exciting!
Today though, I wanted to make sure I got in my 3 week Thrive update!  I'm still loving it more and more each day!  Here goes...
Energy - Energy is still great!  I have noticed some days are better than others though and I think it’s because the Thrive package I bought does not require a shake every day.  I’m much more energized on days I take the shake than on the days without it.  I’ve since changed my order for my next four weeks so that I can have the shake everyday…it’s delish!   I really love how I feel most of the day…especially in the mornings - wide awake before my alarm, invigorated and motivated!  It’s great!  
Sleep – I think a train could come through my room and I wouldn’t hear it.  I am sacked out allll night!  I love it! 
Hunger –  This one has thrown me for a loop lately.  Just this past week, I’ve noticed I’ve been going through days where I am not hungry at all to STARVING the next day.  I am eating regularly each day so I can’t quite figure this out.  I’ve been told to pay attention to where the DFT/patch is on my body on the days I am hungrier than usual!  Going to start looking in to that for sure!  Part of it could also be the fact that the shake isn’t 7 days a week.  We’ll see if this changes when my next order arrives! 
Weight - Overall, my food cravings are still way down - especially for sweets. I’ve also really been focusing on my water intake, which has helped.  I don’t own a scale, but I am going to go out and buy one because I am very curious!  Again, weight loss was not an initital goal of mine, but I know I have lost some!  My pants have never been this loose and my stomach feels so much flatter!  Before I started Thriving I took note of my waist measurement and my weight, so I’ll be eager to see what those measurements are on week 4! 

Mood - Still happy!  Today, for the first time in awhile I was excited to go to work!  Not sure what the heck that was all about, because ususally i'm not, but today has been a good day, I guess!
I also mentioned in my last Thrive post that I have become a Thrive Promoter, which means I now make a commission off of the product.  This has been awesome, I love seeing the extra money come in each Tuesday, money I earned from my sitting at my computer after the kids go to bed!  Plans for the extra money include upping our savings account, building a firepit in the backyard and saving to go to Vegas this spring!  Mostly little things that we've already planned to save up for, but could possibly do at a faster pace now!  Can't wait!
With that being said, if you're at all interested in trying Thrive or interested in earning some extra money contact me now!  This company is getting HUGE and i'm super excited to see where it takes me.
Be back later in the week with Wyatt's 3/4 month update!  

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