Friday, September 5, 2014

Football Recipe Roundup

Football season is upon us, and for me it means I've completely lost my husband for the next 22 weeks.  It also means ESPN, Sports Center and Game Day will be showing non-stop on our living room television...God help me!   I happen to love college football, but cannot for the life of me stand NFL football.  The only way you can get me to sit through an NFL game is if there are delicious appetizers on the coffee table in front me.

So for today's post I decided to comb the internet and share with you (what I hope will be) five appetizers that will get me through this year's football season!

1.  Pizza Fries:

2.  Lasagna Dip:

3.  Snickers Pop Corn:

4. Jalapeno Popper Totchos:

5.  Ham and Cheese Sliders:

They all look super delish, don't they?  I cannot wait to start chowing down!

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