Tuesday, February 18, 2014

An 18 Month Update

My plan is to post updates of Rowen every few months as an easy way to keep track of some of her milestones. This morning I realized she's about to turn 19 months in two days..eek, so here's a quick update of our little lady at 18 months:

Age: 18 Months!

Stats: 22.1 lbs & 31 inches tall

Teeth: Molars are on their way in, but for now she’s got at least seven.

Clothes: 18-24 months

Favorite Foods:  Pasta, & bananas.  She’s a great eater, will try anything!

Milestones:  Our girl seriously talks non-stop!  We've tried to count how many words she knows and we think she's mastered well over 50!  It seriously sometimes feels like we can have a conversation with her now that started putting words into small sentences, it's so fun!  Some of her favorites include:

  • "i yike it" (I like it)
  • "buh-bye daddy"
  • buh-bye mommy"
  • "milk peese" (milk please)
  • "thank you, welcome" (she thinks she has to say both consecutively)
  • "eat, yes?" (when asking to eat)
  • "no, no Car Car" (short for our dog, Carly)
  • "its ok baby" (after she drops her baby doll flat on her face)
Favorite Things:  
  • Reading:  Her favorites books are those centered around animals.  She knows just about every animal you can think of and even some of the noises they make.  Her two favorites?  Elephants and hippos!
  • Singing:  Loves nursery rhymes and even sings her ABC's up to the letter D as well as Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.  She knows almost an entire verse of that song.  We heard her singing it in her crib the other night for 20 minutes straight, so funny!
  • Feeding the dog:  It's become a daily thing.  The poor dog has to wait an extra 15 minutes as Rowen places each individual piece of food into her bowl instead of just one big scoop, torture!
  • Dress up:  She plays this a lot at daycare, so fun to watch her be silly.

Least Favorite Things:
  • The vacuum:  Hates it, wont got near it.
  • Getting dressed after bath:  Not sure what has caused this, but running around without clothes is how she likes to spend most of her evenings. 
  • Sitting in the cart:  She refuses.  Even with that little seat belt, she still wiggles her way out and attempts to stand, which makes me crazy!  I think I sang Baa Baa Black Sheep at least 20 times in the grocery store the other day...anything to keep her sitting!

Signature Moves:
  • The Hokey Pokey:  She likes to dance to this with her friends at daycare, she's pretty much mastered  the "shake it all around" part.

  • Naps: An hour and half during the afternoon is all we get from her.
  • At Night:  Sleeps 8:00pm-7:00am.  Rarely does she wake during the night, and if she does it's most likely because teeth are bothering her. 

In other news, Rowen was sent home early from daycare today due to low grade fever and a stuffy nose, blah!  This is like cold number 12 for her so far this winter...spring can hurry up and arrive any day now!  

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  1. It is so funny how much Rowen and Ava are so alike! Especially feeding the dogs and running around naked after bath time. They are so cute! However, can you please have Rowen talk to Ava about sleeping all through the night?? She needs to work on that!!