Thursday, February 13, 2014

Toddler Valentine's Day Treats

Back in January I was totally ready and fully aware that Valentine's Day was right around the corner, in fact I had all of these fun ideas about what Ryan, Rowen and I could do to celebrate, but then I guess I got busy because I forgot all about it!  Yesterday it kind of hit me that, oh crap, Valentine's Day is two days away, which then left me scrambling to figure out our plans.  So far Ryan and I have and decided not to exchange gifts this year. This means no heart print boxers for him, and no flowers for me, but that's ok because let's be real, Ryan's drawer is overflowing with obnoxious underwear and a vase of dead flowers on my kitchen counter isn't exactly the type of budget friendly decor I am looking for. However, I still wanted to do something for Rowen.  I figured she'd be having some sort of little party at daycare, and I wanted to have something prepared.

There are only a handful of kids at her daycare and they are all under the age of 3 so I knew I didn't need much.  I headed to Target to pick up some supplies and came away with a pack of adorable heart print cellophane bags and some scrumptious looking Little Debbie heart shaped cakes!  I was instantly taken back to my elementary school days when I saw these cakes.  Back then, my mom would always pack my lunch and I loved it when she'd surprise me with awesome little treats like these!  I don't dare buy them now because I know I will eat the whole box in one sitting, but for this I decided to cave.

Instead of buying Valentine's Day cards for her little friends, I decided I'd just make my own little tags to hang on the bags.  

The bags were pretty tall so to help fill them out a bit I also included a pack of fruit snacks for each of the kids.  I think they turned out pretty cute and they were super easy and inexpensive to make!  

I hope to be back later this weekend with some pics of my little Valentine celebrating with her friends, but until then, here's a pic of her from last's just crazy how much she's grown in the past year! 

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