Sunday, February 9, 2014

Toy Talk

I figured today would be a good day to chat about toys. This past Christmas I definitely underestimated just how spoiled rotten our little girl is.  She has so many amazing people in her life and even though she's the smallest in the family, she hands down, is the one with the most "stuff".  The past two months I {with my OCD tendencies} have spent a lot of my spare time furiously trying to organize as many of her toys as possible.  However, last week I finally gave in and decided that unless I want another full-time job on top of the one I already have, trying to keep the house looking like a home rather than a daycare just isn't worth the time.  So, until we finish her playroom, this is the mess I will just have to learn to cope with. Although the mess does drive me nuts, I have to remind myself to take a step back and appreciate how lucky she is, and that this "mess" is her "happy", which ultimately makes me happy, too.

Even though Rowen has more toys than she needs, my husband and I have started to notice that she still tends to get bored and maybe even a bit overwhelmed with everything she has.  I decided to remove some of the older toys in her toy box and temporarily give them a new home in our basement in hopes that she no longer feels so lost when searching for what she wants to play with.  My plan every couple of months is to rotate the toys in the basement with what she's currently playing with.  Hopefully that solves our problem!

Here is a list of some of her current favorites:

I love blog posts that talk about gift ideas and toys that work for their little ones, so if anyone else has any ideas, or organizational tips, please share!

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