Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up

Happy Sunday!  So I am going to apologize in advance for lack of content in this post.  Rowen and I were sort of under the weather this weekend with colds, blah.   We originally had plans to explore our "new" town, however that didn't really happen.  Oh well, maybe next weekend!

Anyway, Friday night Ryan met up with a few of his friends and Rowen and I headed out to meet my sister for dinner.  

We love Mexican.  It's fast, cheap and Rowen loves it!

After dinner we headed home for bed because the next morning we had a little family outing planned...

Story time at the Library!  One of the "exploration" items at the top of my list was to venture out to our local library.  I had heard from others that our library has a great program for kids so we decided to check it out.

Rowen's attention span for reading books is about one minute so I wasn't sure how she'd do listening to a story.  Thankfully, my child is not the only one with a short attention span, and the reading was more interactive that I thought!  Part of the story time involved playing with shapes.  Rowen absolutely loved it, she wanted to be front and center the entire time, so funny!

When we're at home Rowen isn't very independent.  In fact, she's our little shadow and wants to be around us every waking minute.  However, if you put her in a room with other kids she forgets all about us...go figure!

After playing around on the ipad, we checked out a few books and headed home.  The afternoon then consisted of a three hour nap for both Rowen and I.  Glorious!

Today was the norm.  Grocery shopping and Target {where Rowen decided it's more fun to sit backward in the cart without shoes}.  If any mom's out there have a solution to getting your child to actually sit correctly in the cart, please share!

This afternoon Rowen went to my parent's house for some quality Grandma and Grandpa time and I decided have a little me time...

Lucky for me I had a 30% off coupon and what I wanted was on sale.  Score!  

I am not sure if this is a new scent or not, but I seriously can't get enough!  My whole house currently smells like fresh strawberries and I love it!  Who can blame me?  At this point I will do whatever it takes to make summer seem a little less far away!

The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent catching up with a few friends, which we always enjoy!

Like I said, not a very exciting weekend, but fun nonetheless!

Have a good night!

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