Sunday, February 16, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up

We've been without internet at my house all day...frustrating.  So I am attempting to blog on my phone, blah.

Anyways, hope everyone had a good weekend!  Ours was pretty laid back and relaxing for the most part.  Instead of beginning this post with a recap of Friday, I'm starting a day earlier because Thursday was Rowen's Valentine's Day party at daycare.

They made cookies and decorated them {look at that concentration}...

and handed out their Valentine treats...

Safe to say, she had a blast!

We have an awesome daycare provider!  Rowen just adores her, and I love that she takes pics of the kids throughout the day.  It's fun to see pictures of her everyday adventures since I can't be there in person.  So cute!

Next comes Friday, which was a normal work day for us.  Friday night it was just Rowen and I.  Ryan usually hangs out with his friends on Fridays and since we didn't really have plans this Valentine's Day we decided he didn't really need to change that for the "holiday".  I was totally fine with it because Rowen and I had a date with my mom to one of our favorite stores...
I could honestly spend hours {and a ton of money} here.  Plus, you can't beat the free cookies...yes please!

After our little shopping trip, Rowen opened her present from my parents.  New clothes and a book!  Spoiled girl!

On Saturday, Ryan, Rowen and I celebrated our Valentine's Day by giving Rowen her gift.  We didn't get her much, just a couple of books and some stickers {which are currently all all over the furniture}.  Rowen could read for hours, and we probably do spend at least an hour or two a day reading with her, she just loves it!

In my last post I mentioned that Ryan and I weren't going to get each other anything this year for Valentine's Day...well, I sort of lied.  That trip to Homemakers was for a reason.  They were having one of their biggest sales of the year and we just so happened to be in the market for a new kitchen table!  So Saturday afternoon we ventured back to Homemakers to order and bring home our new table, yay!

Our old kitchen table was a small, glass table that only seated four and we've been wanting a bigger one for sometime now.  It worked out well because that night we invited Ryan's parents and brother over for dinner!  Ryan made an awesome meal and it was just nice to be able to have people over and all be able to sit down together!

So that brings us to today {Sunday}.   Rowen and I did our weekly grocery run, which involves me and a cup of coffee in one hand and a cart and a cheese eating toddler in the other.

The afternoon was pretty much just a stay at home day for Ryan and Rowen while I headed to a friend's house for what we called, "Pinterest Day".  Perhaps I will show you that project soon!  :)

Tomorrow is President's Day.  Ryan has the day off from work and a "honey-do" list about a mile long, muahaha.  :)

Off to bed, fingers crossed we have internet tomorrow!


  1. Love the new table!! I am so jealous that Rowen is such a good buddy when you run errands! I can't seem to catch up to Ava to get anything done. Wish I got photos from daycare!

    1. Omg how did I forget to mention our play date? Duh! And the only reason she was good was because of the cheese! Haha

  2. What a fun weekend! And I agree with you about Homemakers, I could spend all day in there looking at furniture and dreaming of all the things I want in my house.

    Now you have to post about "Pinterest Day"-- I need to know what thats all about! :-)