Tuesday, February 11, 2014

DIY: Master Bedroom

One of the first things on our “to do” list for the new house was to decorate the master bedroom.  In our last house, we never really made the master bedroom “ours”.  We had some neutral paint on the wall and a few frames with pictures in them, but other than that, there was nothing exciting about the room that made us actually want to spend time there.  So, when we moved we knew we wanted our new room to be different.  One of my goals for decorating this house is to do it in a way that is budget friendly.   I wish I could just run out to Pottery Barn and buy up everything I want {which is the entire store}, but that’s just not possible.  So instead I turned to our local hardware and craft stores for some DIY decor. 

We {and by we I really mean Ryan} started by painting all four walls in the room.  I had bought our bedding on major sale during Black Friday so we chose a paint color that was just a few shades lighter to match the gray/purple in the bedding {I apologize for the lack of color in some of these these pics, the lighting was weird}. 

Next, I needed something above the bed that would bring the whole room together, however buying large frames or pieces of art big enough to fill the space was going to be pricey so I decided to finish a decor project I had started a few years ago in our old house, that didn't turn out quite right.

My husband is my “handyman” at home.  Other than small painting projects and hammering an occasional nail into the wall, I don’t really do much handy work, in fact, sort of suck at it.  Like cooking, I buy the supplies and he makes it happen. 

Here’s a list of the materials we needed:

1. Spray paint
2. Large wooden Letters (found mine at Hobby Lobby)
3. Tape measure/ruler
4. A dozen or so nails

Ryan painted the letters and then laid them out on the floor to take measurements so he knew where to put the nails.  After that, he took the measurements to the wall and started hammering away!

 {we fixed that crooked 's'}
A few days later our room went from boring, blank canvas...

 to comfy & cozy!

I am so pleased with the way the room turned out!  We still have a few pictures to hang on the wall, but other than that, it’s done!  Simple and cheap! YES!

Special thanks to The Idea Room, for linking this up!

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